Thursday, October 23, 2008


I seriously love it when bloggers have tutorials on their blogs and teach people how they do something cool. So this is my tutorial. 

It is a tutorial about how to properly love on a baby.

Step one:
Find the chubby cheek (either side).

Step two:
Locate the jawline under the chubby cheek.

Step three:
Smooch away.

The end.


Ginna said...

my favorite tutorial ever. Are you going to set up an etsy shop and sell some cute babies to love now?

Rachel said...

Now THAT was a tutorial! I can't believe how big the twins are getting!!!

Marilyn said...

What sounds should one be making at the point of smooching contact? "Mumm-mumm-mumm-mumm"? Or, as Sam does, "Homp omp omp omp" (accompanied by biting)?

Holdinator said...

This is good information. I'm holding a chubby-cheeked infant right now, so this tutorial is timely.

Megan Di said...

Uh dearest genius Megan W., I think I just found a subject for my new album. Will you sell me those three pictures? I'm going to need them.

the fellers said...

haha...I love the second picture..look how big they are getting! So cute!

Kirsten said...

You are too darn cute!! Kisses, cheeks at all!! I can't way to meet those two handsome boys!

P.S. Maybe I should give a tutorial on how to make (and keep) a messy house!!

Robert said...

How adorable!We have twins also, but ours came first. We have twin daughters that are 2yrs. 7mths. and a son who is 14 months. We are blessed in so many ways. You have an adorable family! Robert :)


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