Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Hairy Situation

Get this: I am very fickle when it comes to my hair. Very. I like to color my hair. I am not afraid to get it cut--often drastically so. But up-keep is not something I am good at. Infact, I'm rather bad at it. 

For example, I'll get darling high-lights and then when the roots are grown out by my ears I'll think, "Hmm, I really should do something about this." And then I want to do something about it. RIGHT THEN. Don't want to wait. Don't want to make an appointment. Don't want to schedule anything. Just want it fixed.

Which means that I've done some rash things in regards to my cranial covering. I've walked into salons and walked out with atrocious stylings all because I was too impatient to schedule an appointment with someone good. I've run to Walgreens and purchased hair dye and given myself some hum-dinger colorings. All because I was too cheap or busy to figure out who could fix my color woes.

But then my dearest friend Emalee Squire came into my life. We were mission companions. She was a stylist but she never made me feel bad about my bad haircut (Sister Dawnell Groberg, don't feel were not trained when you welded that blunt pair of scissors and cut my hair into a bob. And I claim full responsibility, I made you do it.) or my 2 inches of remaining high lights. She didn't say anything. She just loved me. And then one day we saw a girl get on the bus and her hair was so darling we both gasped. And then on P-Day Emalee made me into that girl. Then she did my hair for me every morning after that.

Bliss. That's what it was. 

And for the past 6 months we've been living in the same blessed city, Emalee and I. She's shown up at my house with hair dye and scissors--and I never had to schedule an appointment. She just knew when my hair needed help. She made me beautiful.

Then she got married and moved to Idaho.

Which leaves me back where I started. Which explains why last night I dyed my hair dark reddish-brown. Which explains why I think I might go to Fantastic Sam's tomorrow evening with no appointment because the cowlick in the back of my hair is driving me insane. 

And now a question:

If I were to become a normal person in regards to hair care, in Emalee's absence, and were to think ahead and make an appointment with someone who knows what they are doing, who should I call? Where should I go? Please include any pertinent information because if I'm too flighty to make an appointment you can bet I won't spend the time to track down a phone number or an address. 

My hair and I thank you, most sincerely.


Dan said...

You cut my hair, so I will just cut yours. It's like the back scratching principle. I always do a good job on Ryan (except for that one time that we had to cut steps along the sides because I screwed up-but man, those steps were COOL)

The Betitas said...

My two favorite places are Platinum Studio and Studio 210. If you can't get in to one, you probably can the other. I've always had great success at both places. Ill get you the phone numbers.

The Betitas said...

Platinum Studio

Denae said...


I have a great friend who does my hair I absolutely love love love her.

Her name is Emily and she is at Suggestions Salon in Orem.


tasha said...

Marian 801.484.4247

She wins. I promise.

Megan Di said...

I highly recommend that you try Landis Salon in Bountiful. They are relatively in-expensive and give you a full scalp massage with the most wonderful smelling stuff then cut your hair into the most beautiful shape and will do color if you want them to. Then they style your hair using about $100 worth of product and don't expect you to buy any of it. They are at: 3379 Orchard Dr, Bountiful, UT 84010, (801) 335-0440. Oh, and the best part, there is a slew of free babysitters to watch the munchkins while you pamper yourself a wee bit down the street.

K said...

My gal is Brenda at the Lush studio in Orem, where that funky antique/gift place used to be in that cool old pioneer home on the west side of State Street between 200 and 300 South. The thing I like best about her is that she hasn't killed me yet for talking so much. Don't judge her style by my hair, by the way - you know how I am. What can she do in the face of that?

Anonymous said...

Once you find someone you like, just make an appointment before you leave for when you think you'll need it. That way you have to take a little time to yourself. . .Otherwise you'll be like me and go a year before getting your haircut again- Yikes! Remedez in the Orem mall is a spa and gives you a scalp massage and is pretty inexpensive (compared to other salons)

Jenny said...

Orem, Suggestions 226-6993. I always went to Courtney Watkins, who is amazing! I could go to her, say, "I need a change" and no fail, I loved what she did! Color was always perfect. I regularly had random people stop me in malls, grocery stores, etc asking me where I get my hair done. Carly is also really good. Anyway, I have since moved to WA and I'm frantically looking for someone to replace my hair guru! GO to Suggestions. It looks like someone else suggested it. If they have gone there, they can get you 20% off your first visit. It's won't go anywhere else after. And if you do go and see Courtney, tell her Jenny Green says hi. She just had a baby and is only working part time now...only a few days a week I think. Anyway. good luck.


Megan said...

Great place in Bountiful...38th Street Salon...I think that's what it's called. Tami. She's great and fixed my mop right up!

Good luck!

Tia said...

so glad you asked this question because I'm in the same boat!

Brad and Kati Baxter said...

Such a delemma! I faced a slightly less severe case when I was in 11th grade. All I really did was highlight my hair- often- but that is not the point. The point is is that it is hard to maintain hair, and nails for that matter, for this country girl. That is when I found my solution! I let my Highlights grow out- yes it was ugly- but it was a one time thing. Then I cut my hair and got all the highlight out. Ever since then, because after this we still face the hairCUT problem, I have let my hair grow out to whatever and cut it again in a year. That is right, I usually only cut my hair ONCE A YEAR!!! And when I do- it is usually short and new for me. Think of all the stress, money and hastle this would save all women if we all opted for this... Then again, maybe I should care more about my looks... lol!
Good luck Megan! Post a picture of the new look!

Jennifer said...

I'm not close enough to be helpful (love my gal, but you don't want to drive/fly 800 miles), but it sounds like you've gotten plenty of good leads. The one thing I'd suggest is find someone who GETS your style. If he/she GETS your style, then you'll be happy every single time.

Emily said...

I am the same way!!!! 100% that way! My excellent hair saving and doing friend lives in Utah. If you want she could do your hair and I promise it would be perfect. If you want such a thing let me know. We're talking $100 hair for next to nothing! As for me.... my roots are almost to my ears. :O( Oh, to be in Utah.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you have gotten your hair fixed by know. You are so hilarious. This is Taylor we went to high school together anyway I do hair and have a salon in my home in highland. If you want give me a call. 492-4075 I would love to just chat wether it's about hair on not..

Camille said...

Don't let Dan cut your hair. I can appreciate your dilemma, but more so. I am a licensed stylist and I only get my hair cut once a year, if I'm lucky! Here is my suggestion... find someone in a salon that you like. Stick with them. Go in and get a color you like, in a semi-permanent. I like Redken Shades EQ. The idea is that it will fade out without a huge line. Then, BEFORE you leave the salon, schedule a return appointment. make it for either six weeks later or six months. You decide. But schedule it and then it's done! You can always cancel later. :0)


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