Monday, September 1, 2008

Swiss Miss

It's a good thing Gov'na Huntsman was inspired to demand all state employees to move to the 4 day work week. Because when funeral plans dictated that we go on our annual Swiss Days run Friday instead of Saturday, dear brother Joel (Engineering Genius of the Utah State Department of Natural Resources) stepped in to watch the kids. However, though Joel is endowed with many talents, he is not endowed with breasts. So we took the babies with us.

I carried Will in my Hugamonkey sling, while Mom carried Cole* in the wicked awesome sling she made Beth. Tia and Beth passed around Mary. 3 babies! I don't remember us ever bringing ANY babies before. But the little muffins were perfectly behaved. They must have known that their mothers were very busy getting their craft on.

I didn't buy much, but half of the fun of Swiss Days is the gathering of ideas. I purchased squeaky shoes for Maggie since she's obsessed with the ones sister-in-law Jill got her in Taiwan. Then I thought, "Oh what the heck! Why not add to the mayhem!" and I picked out some cute blue ones for when the boys learn to walk.

I also bought a sweet skeleton Halloween decoration at the Barn across the street from the festivities. It was a steal of a deal at $9.

That sums up what I bought... kind of lame I know. But don't worry! I'm gonna copy some crap as well. After we shopped, nursed, and shopped some more, we went to some cuckoo panini shop that was delish. Beth compiled a list of the things we said "Oh yeah, we could do that" about. Here's what's on the docket:

  • One of the cute little booths had a sign that we went nuts for. Tia already made one for Clara (of which I am very jealous).
  • This year was the year of the tutu. Millions of adorable tutus were everywhere. After examining several of them I realized that even somebody like me (i.e. a lazy, good-for-nothing, stressed out, pitiful, untalented crafter who collects supplies but never makes anything) could do something like that. So I plan to for Maggie's birthday.
  • There were barrettes and hair elastics in every other booth. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any because I've been making Maggie some adorable ones lately and have lots more ribbon and flowers for more. But there were some really cute fabric covered button hair elastics that Beth and I would like to attempt. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • One adorable booth had a simple A-line little girl skirt made from vintage 30's fabric. It was adorable. Last year Beth taught me how to throw A-line skirts together from bed-sheets--genius since you use the hemmed part of the sheet for the bottom of the skirt! Now we just need to shrink it down for our little girls.
  • One booth had the cutest Old Navy capris and jean jackets that they had embellished and sewn matching tops and skirts for. I came really close to buying Maggie one but then I figured I'd just try to do it myself. This one I'm kind of doubtful I'll get around to, but it sure was cute. Holli bought one of the adorable dresses at that booth for her Hailey.
  • As we munched on our paninis smeared with pineapple and cranberry chili jelly we discussed how much we loved the stuff. Then Tia mentioned that she heard you can purchase it BY THE GALLON from food suppliers like Sysco. Does anyone know if that is true? I gotta get me some of that action. Wouldn't it make a great Christmas gift for neighbors?
Swiss Days was everything its cracked up to be, as usual, and I can't wait for next year. We're making plans for it already.

*One of the best parts about Mom carrying Coleman was the looks she kept getting from passersby who were wondering if the child were her's. We kept loudly saying things like "Gosh, mom thanks for carrying your grandchild who is a twin. That's so nice of you." That helped some.


hollibilly said...

Swiss Days Awesomeness indeed. Invite me to come do some craftys with you :) Glad to hear you didn't get your stinky tacos.

Tia said...

It was so much fun and I'm already looking forward to next year. Now, if I could just find someone to sell me an old window with some dried flowers in it, I can't seem to find them anywhere!

Beth said...

Tia's funny, huh?
That was a funny joke, Tia.
Where's the sysco jelly, man? Sysco!

K said...

Okay, so tell us how to make the skirts. And tell us when you find out about the jelly, eh? We lived on Panini in Paris, where everything is tooo tooo expensive. So you eat crepes from the Rue Claire, where the best ever crepe man (who speaks 14 languages) stands in a tiny booth all day long. And you find little Panini places, which are sort of set up like Mrs. Field's - just open front stands. I haven't had one in the US, but I did think about opening one of those stands some time -

I wanna go to Swiss days, too. And the dog trials. I want to do SOMETHING besides all the stuff I'm doing. Somehow. Or finish something.

Like any of that has anything to do with your blog 0-


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