Sunday, September 14, 2008

Shoe-less? Not if I Have Anything to Do With It

Ry-Ry (Maggie's adorable uncle) has an Eagle Scout project in the works. He's collecting shoes and socks for kids. And if you've got a kid anything like my Maggie... you know that shoes are very important for kids. Not just physically but emotionally as well. There's nothin' Maggie loves like shoes. Except for maybe me. I hope.

Anyway, Ryan is throwing a benefit concert in Woods Cross. Admission is free with a donation of child sized shoes or socks. Plus, there's gonna be food. [And just between you and me, any time there is a Hinckley-hosted event the food is pretty much guaranteed to be the best you've ever had.]

So, we'll see you Sept. 20th. It's for a good cause.

[Update: For added incentive, yes, Dan, Maggie, the twins, and I will be there. ]

1 comment:

hollibilly said...

I hope you are bringing the twins! I am dying to see them!


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