Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gummi Bears

My dear friend Rebekah (BYU roomie and Hungarian missionary) sent me this video tonight. I have the lyrics to the Gummi Bears theme song memorized in English. Its a jaunty tune that comes in handy--especially in the car. Dan will tell you that a lot of my really obnoxious songs come in handy in the car. [Well, handy for me. They pass the time.] How the lovely Mrs. Hall knew I'd be cheered to sing along in Hungarian I have no idea! But it made me giggle. 

Thanks Bekah!


Alida Bowles said...

Omgosh that is hilarious. Gummi Bears was seriously one of my favorite shows (my husband is convinced I made it up because he never saw it) I can sing the whole theme song and he still thinks its fake.

I dont speak hungarian but this still just made my day...lol! :)

P.S. The word verification word for me to leave this comment is "gumoky"....funny.....like your blog knows we are talking about gummy stuff ;)

Dan said...

Um, I second that on never seeing the gummi bear show. But I sure do appreciate that song. Hungarian is awesome! Nagon yol!! Egan, Egan, kescumel! Cusinem Sapen!

Willeyes said...

You gotta love crazy car songs, but say what you want...they pass the time:)

Tigersue said...

OH, thanks for finding my blog! Now I can bookmark yours and make it a frequent visit!


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