Sunday, September 7, 2008


While Dan and I (and a back seat full of our progeny) drove through Lehi I couldn't wait to tell Dan what I had recently learned about our fair city.

Me: Did you know that when Lehi was first settled it was called Dry Creek?

Dan: Really? Well that's crazy. How'd they come up with Lehi?

Me: Hmmm. Maybe they got it from... The Book of Mormon!?

Okay, Dan knew it was from the Book of Mormon. But really, how did they decide to change the name to Lehi? My theory is that Juab county named their big city Nephi and the folks in Dry Creek didn't want to be upstaged.

Any other ideas?


Rachel said...

Actually, the name Dry Creek originated from a bunch of people who practiced the religon of "dance round fire chantingism". The area was all under wet lands and the hope was that if they named the place Dry Creek, wore feather's around their waists, and chanted the words "Dry Creek" around a fire for 40 days and 40 nights that the water would receed and the land would become habitable. Of course looking back in history we see that this didn't happen until the technology was formed (your husband can tell you about this) to form a lake thus Utah Lake was formed so the area of Dry Creek was drained but not before the land was cursed by these orginal settlers thus naming it the land of Laman and Lemuel. Real Estate started to boom in the area after the lands were drained and a lake was formed and a man by the name of Bob (Robert) Mulla saw the future of real estate and wanted to promote the area but knew that the land of Laman and Lemuel wouldn't do and thus felt that to better his chances of striking gold he'd have the name changed to Lehi since Nephi was already taken and so it has stuck to this day. Personally, I think they should have named it the city of Sariah.

I find history SO facinating!

K said...

Actually, the town mirror's the BofM's Lehi's life: it's off toward the wilderness and half of its children are bizarre. I know this because I taught there. Trust me.


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