Friday, September 19, 2008

Did You See That?

Some little darling nominated my blog for an award with a cash prize. My mother informed me of it this morning (after being informed by Kenzie). [Then my mother also sadly informed me that I was over 1,000 votes behind. And even CJane--one of my favorite blogs is trailing by 600 votes.]

No matter, I'm just glad to be thought of. Thanks to whoever did the nominating. And if you'd like to do some voting, follow the link on my sidebar!


Rachel said...

How cool is that? I'll vote for ya darlin' even if 1,000 people obviously have zero sense!

andrew's mom said...

I didn't nominate you but I would have if I'd known about it. Your site really is "a joy to read" and always makes me giggle. Wish I'd gotten to know you better when I had the chance at Mountain View! I voted and am working on an "MMMboppin' in '08" campaign poster. Go Megan!


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