Thursday, August 7, 2008

With a Little Help From My Friends

Yesterday the boys and I were nursing away with my new EZ2 Nurse pillow while Maggie nestled her head right between the boys (not because she wanted some of that milk action but she just wanted to be jabber to me while I nodded like I really understood what she was saying...its something we do) when I heard a voice "hello!" coming up my stairs.

It was Beth. She brought dinner. And she started folding the laundry without even asking. Minutes later cousin Becca came. She pitched in with the laundry and then went straight to work cleaning my bathroom. Oh my gosh. I don't think they even knew that folding laundry is on the list of "Megan's most hated and procrastinated chores of all time." In fact, the only chore lower on the list is ironing which I refuse to do. Which reminds me, please don't look at Dan's shirts too closely.

But that's not all. Whilst folding, cleaning, and doing my dishes (they did that too) they listened to me and didn't even judge when I cried. Then they shared their own motherly experience and smiled in a way that said "There there, Megs. It gets better." At least I assume it gets better, they each have 4 kids and enough sense to not keep reproducing if its horrendous all the time.

While all this was going on who shows up but mission companion Emalee. She's brought Coke, lunch, and a basket full of hair supplies. She set to work coloring my hair and then hooked me up with a haircut too. Not only that, but she filled Maggie up with gummy bears and held Becca's baby Kolby when he felt neglected cause his mom was busy shining up my toilet.

I can't imagine anything making me feel happier or more loved than these 3 dear friends who took some time to visit, serve, and beautify. I think I really will get by with a little help from my friends.


Rachel said...

Friends and neighbors are awesome aren't they?

Ginna said...

yay, what sweethearts. I'm really glad you've got so much help! :)

Amanda D said...

It is so great to have good friends. I'm so glad that they were there to lend an ear / hand!

Emily said...

oh, that warmed my heart too! If I lived near by I would bring you dinner and vacuum your floor, take out all the poppy diapers, and take Maggie to the park to run around as wild as she wants to. It's the thought that counts right? :)

Tiffany said...

That's so nice Megs! I wish I was around more to help you out- I hope you know I would in a heart beat! The pics of your cute boys are adorable!

K said...

Strange - the text of this entry showed up in Reader, but not when I went to the blog page. Anyway, what a fabulous and wonderful people you are part of - we are part of. What you wrote? THat's what Zion is.

Kirsten said...

You deserve all that sweet lovin and more!!! We have a great family don't we? It does get better and you are doing great!

BTW, have you submitted YOUR picture for the EZ Nurser or whatever website? I have been checkin and I ain't seen it yet!! One with Maggie's head right there might be a good one too. As a matter of a fact, you could put some line about "It doesn't matter what age, the EZ Nurser thing works great for one and all!!!" LOL!

Ok, sorry about that!! Anyway, I wish we could be there to help, but we are sending many prayers your way. And, if you ever need to VENT, call ME!

Beth said...

Wow, you DO have great friends.
Thanks for letting us come over. I'm sure that takes some pride-swallowing to let Becca look into your totie water.
And, folding laundry is one of my favorite (or least hated) cleaning chores, so please save it all up each week for me.

Becca said...

The sad thing for me is that you said your bathroom was really should see mine...I felt like I was cleaning a clean bathroom!! We love you Megs!!! You are one of my very favorite person ever!!! You can do this, we'll be here to help you!!


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