Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Them's My Boys!

Q. Guess who slept all night with their oxygen turned off?

A. Tole and Wow did!

Wow got a little lazy this morning though, so I turned his back for a breather. But dang. I'm proud. I keep tellin' em that they'll get to see more of the world if they can get off these cumbersome tanks. Maybe they're finally listenin'. It's gonna be so great when I can just carry the boys from room to room without 80 pounds of equipment.


Denae said...

HOORAY that is definately something to celebrate!

Becca said...

It's getting better, before you know it, this will be all in the past!! You are doing a great job!! You and Dan can do anything!! You are my heros!!! Thanks for talking today, you are incredible!

K said...

It will come. And this little bit of light is just a precursor. You'll have setbacks, but it will come.

And megs - thank you so much for leaving a comment on my place. It really meant a lot to me.

Holdinator said...

That's got to be so nice. Congrats Tole and Wow!

Emily said...

Angi had a bunch of stuff when she first came home too. I am sure not as much as you have to deal with but still it sucked! She was always stuck in one place for forever and I was always chasing Bridger away from pushing things he should not. It was a fabulous day when she was free from it all!!! I am excited for when that day comes for you!!!! :O)


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