Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Okay, I'm not going to spoil it for anybody who hasn't read it yet. But I just have to say... what kind of a name is that? You know that Stephanie Meyer is a Mormon because she put some made-up-throw-a-bunch-
and-spell-it-really-dumb name in her book.

Other than that, I liked the book. But I almost gagged every time I read that name.

[Spoiler alert! Some of the comments in here give away the plot! Read at your own risk. And don't call me all teary eyed if I ruined the book for you. I'm having enough emotional trauma on my own right now.]


andrew's mom said...

I'm right there with you girl! Tried not to think the name every time I read it or replaced it with a normalish name. Some of the other vampire names were along the same made up lame type lines. My personal favorite: Zafrina. A little painful, but I also liked the book overall. Nicole
p.s. When do you have time to READ!!?

Denae said...

HAHA ! this is my favorite stupid line in the book ..

"No!no! Renesmee"

I liked it overall but there were a few things that I just didn't like at all.

Thanks again for suggesting them to me a year ago!

Megan Di said...

Yes, that is quite a sad excuse for a name. But if you think about it, it really is quite symbolic- half human, half vampire . . . yadayadayada. But did you really like the book? Weren't you at least sort of grossed out about how it was too perfect, that the author kind of stretched her own imagination a bit too far? Really, think about it, if vampires don't breathe and don't eat and don't do any of that "human" stuff, I'm pretty sure they can't father children.

Marilyn said...

I love it that that's your entire comment about the book. Good for you! So, I'm confused. Is this another book in that same series? But I thought it was just a trilogy? And didn't a third one come out last year? (I've only read the first 2)

Megan said...

Nicole, I figured that sleep deprivation will be a part of my life for the next 6 months (who am I kidding... 6 YEARS) so I just buckled down and read the book. I mostly read it while nursing cause that's what I do all day.

And Marilyn, this is the last book. I didn't know it would be the last book until I got to the end and it wrapped everything up so I was like "Oh, I guess its over."

Denae, I'm so glad you've liked them. Good Mormon mother reading if you ask me.

Meg, it wasn't the most unbelievable that Edward fathered a child... it was most unbelievable that Bella actually carried it and enjoyed drinking human blood and then when she became a vampire she automatically weened herself from the human blood. I wanted her to go crazy and kill Charlie. jk.

EmmaP said...

hahaha. dumb name! hey - check out this posting from a fellow blogger! I thought of you - in a few months...


Rachel said...

Oh shoot me why don't ya all? I thought the book was dumb.....sorry.....but glad you liked it. A person needs something exciting to do whilst lactaing for hours on end.

K said...

So. You guys actually read beyond the first 152 pages of the first book? You stayed awake? You didn't gag? Actually, that name? It's pretty much an apt metaphor for the whole thousands and thousands of empty pages. So, I guess I'm saying - heck, if the name fits -

Anonymous said...

Breaking Dawn….. hmmmmmm, did I like it? I’d give it 2.5 stars out of 5. I of course liked it enough that I couldn’t put it down once I started reading…. But to be honest, I really felt like Stephenie didn’t write this book. It felt like a completely different author with totally different writing than Stephenie. On that note, let me tell you a few things that I did like about BD:

1. I always wondered why no one could read Bella’s mind and I feel that the reason was answered. Once she was changed (‘vamp’d) she learned about her special power and that was her shield. To me this said that she was destined to be a Vampire even when she was a human.
2. I loved the idea of the Island of Esme. Traveling far on a boat and being on a beautiful Island… how fun and romantic. But I wanted Bella and Edward to have their first time in the Meadow.
3. I really liked that Bella was so intent on not letting Edward know she was in so much pain during her transforming. To me this control had to do with her special gift of being able to Shield things.
4. I loved Esme and wished she would have had a bigger part in BD. My favorite was when she was worried about the wolves not having clothing and she offered them a place to stay and food. A ‘true’ Mom.
5. I am soooooooo happy Jacob didn’t imprint on Leah. I was worried about that for a while.
6. Bella didn’t seem to mind that she was never going to have a baby, but when she learned that she was pregnant I loved that she was so protective and had so much love for her baby. This is how I envision being a Mom would be and it was good to see that Bella felt the same.

Okay, here are the things I didn’t like about Breaking Dawn. These are random thoughts and are not in order of how they happened in the book.

1. J. Jenks…. What was that all about? It lead to no where. I would think that the Cullens wouldn’t have to deal with someone like this. Heavens… they are so smart and have so much talent and resources to make these documents that I felt like this part was just ‘filler’ and not needed.
2. I felt like Edward was not a big part of the story… like he was just a background character.
3. Stephenie made such a big deal about Bella’s ‘After car’, and then it wasn’t anything special and was mentioned real quick. I was hoping it would have been her red truck, but totally ‘vamp’d’ up.
4. I didn’t like that Bella never had the choice to become a Vampire. It even appeared she was having second thoughts and wanted to attend college for a while. I would have liked to see Bella ultimately make the choice to be turned and I would have like to seen Edward struggle with the dilemma of turning her.
5. I was really surprised about how much more of an ‘adult’ read this was.
6. The whole pregnancy thing caught me off guard, which was good; I like being caught off guard. But I didn’t like this pregnancy. Vampires don’t age and this little baby was aging at the speed of light. And I felt like the birth was just too violent and gory for Stephenie’s writing.
7. And why in a house full of Vampires and a Doctor did none of them even have a slight notion that the baby needed human blood? You would think this would have been one of the first things they would have tried. Instead Jacob is the one that thought of that???? And why could they not have given her the blood through an IV? It was hard for me to believe that Bella wasn’t more resistant to drinking blood straight out of a cup and straw. I mean, didn’t she pass out from the thought of blood in the other books??? And the only way they could regulate her body temperature was by having either Jacob of Edward sit next to her. All of this didn’t make sense with all of these super smart Vampires around.
8. It really bugged me that Bella didn’t have to struggle as a newborn. I could understand that she was able to get control of herself sooner than most newborns because she was prepared in advance of what to expect. But I think not having her go through any kind of a struggle actually cheapens what Edward was feeling the whole time in the other books. I LOVED reading in Midnight Sun how unbearable it was for Edward not just to kill Bella. His struggle along with the rest of the Cullens struggle made the whole feeling of the other books so intense. To me, not having Bella go through any of this made the whole Cullen’s lifestyle choice of not killing Humans seem like no big deal.
9. The name Renesmee….. puke!!!!! What a horrible name.
10. This whole imprinting thing with Jacob and Renesmee…. I DON’T LIKE IT!!!! I wanted Jacob to find someone that he can start loving and sharing his life with. I can’t picture Jacob raising Renesmee only to be romantic with her latter. Yuck!
11. How come Alice couldn't see Bella getting pregnant? I know she can't see Renesmee, but she could still see Bella, right? Wouldn't she have had some premonition of Bella with a big belly?
12. How come Jacob couldn't tell Bella he was a werewolf in New Moon, but he could phase in front of Charlie? Doesn't that break some kind of super secret wolf code? I mean, Jacob walks up to Charlie’s door and basically says ‘look what I can do’ and then he phases in front of Charlie. And then Charlie’s reaction is basically to say, ‘don’t tell me anything more, I don’t need to know’. And why didn’t Charlie knowing all of this put him in danger of the Volturi? It just doesn’t make sense.
13. Okay…. I thought the Volturi were supposed to be really bad, horrible, scary Vampires. What a bunch of wimps! They made this huge trek to Forks only to basically say “Oh never mind, we made a mistake. We'll be leaving now. Carry on.” I wanted something to happen!!!!! Anything!!!!! This was boring to read. No intensity or scariness at all. Don’t most stories have some kind of climax?
14. And one final thing that totally bugged me…… I kept seeing Robert Pattinsons face in my mind! Infact, most of the actor’s faces kept popping up as I read…. NOT GOOD!!!!!


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