Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Wish...

I've never been one to go out and buy a lot of things for myself or even to ask for things. It makes me feel guilty. I remember as a kid that I wanted to take dance lessons but I couldn't bear to ask. So I just took home a flyer I got at school and kept putting it around the house so my mom would see it. And I slyly mentioned that all my friends at school were going to do this class.

"Gosh, that will be so fun for them..."

Luckily my mom asked me if I wouldn't care to join them. And that, my friends, is how I became one of Denna Robertson's original "Confi-dance Kids."

Don't really know why I prefaced my post with that story, except maybe just so you don't think I'm greedy putting together this list. They are not things I'm going to buy right now and I'm not asking you to buy them either. But I think they are awesome. Super awesome. Maybe even awesomer than dance class.

First up, we have this pink cuckoo clock. I mean, seriously. I've always wanted a cuckoo clock and this one is PINK. Did I mention that this cuckoo clock is a pink one? this would be so adorable in Maggie's room. Ha! A pink cuckoo clock. And its only $15--I think there are only like 12 things in my house that cost more than $20, so this would fit right in.

Not only was I brought up as a liberal in Utah County, but I was raised as a Mac using liberal in Utah County. Since I've been married though, I had to quit cold turkey. Its all about poverty, not preference people. Anyway, my heart yearns for one of these:
And especially for one of these: And they're on sale right now. Buy the computer, get the iPod FREE. Plus a free printer. But I have a house and twins who's bills add up to half the amount of the house (thank heavens for insurance!). So, I'll be grateful for my Toshiba that sort of works, kinda.

I suffer from a disease called IKEA syndrome. It is extremely painful and difficult to deal with, as every time I am in proximity of an IKEA store or catalog I suddenly become overwhelmed and want to buy everything in it. Everything. Except for maybe some of the cheap looking lamps. [I want ALL of the NOT cheap looking lamps, though.] That said, these items are at the top of my to buy list:
I want this darling cabinet. They call it a linen cabinet, but I would put it in my front room and fill it with pretty things like vintage globes. I really want to start collecting globes. I've decided that its even more fascinating to look at outdated globes and maps than current ones unless you're stranded somewhere and your GPS is whack.
I picked these out for the boys along with a pretty sweet bunk-bed. I realize I'm like 3 years ahead of myself here but how do you resist those cute numbers? Bonus: maybe with those comforters as incentive the twins will grow up to be number worshiping, calculus loving, engineer nerds like their father.

My next item is the biggie:

We currently have a Toyota Corolla. Its adorable. It gets awesome gas mileage. It's the nicest car I've ever had. But while fitting 3 carseats in the back is possible, it is far from comfortable or convenient. That we need a larger car is not debated, but what type of car to get is. I am not opposed to the mini-van option but Dan would rather choke himself with a rabid badger. Dan (who is one of the most devoted readers and followers of Consumer Reports) would rather get a RAV4 which is the most fuel efficient SUV in existence (or something to that effect). However, when Dan insisted that we go to a dealership and test drive one, we found that the back seat was nary an inch larger than our dear Corolla. Further limiting our options is Dan's belief that the only cars worth purchasing are those made by Toyota, Honda, and occasionally Hyundai (those made on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but definitely NOT Fridays--or something like that). [Side-note: this is sometimes sad for me since I kind of have a huge crush on the new Dodge Journey. Dan won't even consider it. Even though I'm thinking we could try to get a deal at Hinckley Dodge... you know, pretend we're related and all...]

As we know, marriage is all about compromise.

We were out driving one day and I see the Toyota logo on a very cute mid-size SUV. "What's that!?" I cry.

Turns out, it was a Highlander. Mr. Dan "Consumer Reports" Hinckley checked it out and said that while it was not nearly as fuel efficient as the RAV 4, it was much roomier, and it had good reviews in all categories except that the third row seat was small. But we don't really care about that since we'll just be letting our kids crawl back there once they're old enough to buckle their own boosters. Anyway, so once we inherit the "large sum of money" that was foretold by my fortune cookie at the Saigon Cafe... I hope to get me one of those.

Okay, now what do you want in a frivolous sort of way?


Ginna said...

I have the same Ikea problem. Like the happiest day in my life was when we sold a whole bunch of furniture and stuff (which we were sorry about later) and took all the money when we got here and bought a bunch of ikea stuff. It was a serious thrill.

I'm dying for a new vacumn. The one I have works but I HATE it. So it's a little frivolous, but I want one. I also really want a cake stand thing. Bad. But that would just inspire me to make more cake and cupcakes and I do NOT need those.

I also want clothes. All kinds. Mostly ones that fit and look good. But I could spend an endless budget on them.

Want me to go on......and on....and on....?

K said...

Yeah. How do you compromise on a car when one wants a Toyota and the other wants a Saturn. You get a Toyturn? Or a Satota? I think I vote for the second one.

What do I want? In a frivolous sort of way? How about a twelve by twenty addition on the living room? Or on the back so that we can have a bathroom that will allow you to actually undress without having to stand in the shower.

I don't know what else. But I'm old. I've had it all and worn it out already.

eRiCa said...

I'm completely with Dan on the types of cars...NO MINI VANS, only buy Toyota, Honda or Nissan for us. We've been looking for cars as well...the nissan armada looks like a good one for us....that's what I want...on top of millions of items of clothing and shoes that are ridiculously priced.

I often make lists like this (hello mondays on my blog) and finid it theraputic...once done writing about them it feels like I have them already :) That makes Bret happy and me appeased for the time being.

Rachel said...

I want a bedroom. My very own bedroom...well....Brian can share it I guess...... :o). I want a bedroom that isn't a storage room for all of the stuff that we can't find a place to stash it so it goes where else? In my bedroom...usually on the floor....only...I can't find the floor, can I have a floor in my bedroom?

Marilyn said...

"I just want my kids to get along with each other." That's what my dad would say; I must have heard that one million times.

Is that all _I_ want?


the fellers said...

oh my, we are the same...I dont know where to start...lets start at the beginning shall wel? THe clock, so cute for Maggie, SO CUTE! Ummm...Mac....have I ever told you our next son's name? Yes, Mac....and spelled that way too (Dont steal it, or we will have boys with the same name....which isnt too bad) and Ikea? Did you say heaven on earth? Thats what I though...I LOVE IT THERE! We got Scoty's bed should check it of the extendable ones...from toddler bed to twin bed..we will do the same for Rylee, and dont worry, I have her bedding all picked out too....its all good.....I love SUV's too...that car, so pretty! Oh so pretty! I love the Sedona....

Emily said...

I day dream about all the home improvements I would do if I had a million dollars almost everyday. I really need to get over it. Reality cheack, we live on food stamps!!! LOL :O)


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