Sunday, June 15, 2008

Oh What Do You Do in the Summer Time?

I'm new to this stay-at-home mom business. I did it last summer but now I've forgotten what to do. Here's what we've been doing:

  • Going to Walmart
  • Going to Target
  • Going to Home Depot
  • Going to Big Five
  • Going to Dollar Tree
  • Going to IKEA
  • Going to Sonic (but only as Maggie is falling asleep in the back seat so that I don't have to share my drink with her.)
  • Going to Smith's
  • Going to Albertson's
  • Going to my Mother's house at lunchtime but not because I knew Mom and Dad would take me to Saigon Cafe... that was just a bonus.
  • Finding excuses to drop things off at Beth and Joel's house. (Oops I returned your movie without the DVD? I'll have to bring that later...)
And we've sat around our house a lot--sometimes cleaning or folding laundry, but mostly just making messes. We've also hung up a lot of pictures and scooted around furniture to test arrangements.

From my list you can see that there have been quite a number of store visits. This has got to stop. Especially since I have run out of both gift cards and allowance. What things do you do when it's too hot to take your toddler to the park and you're too fat and tired to chase her? I'm in need of some good ideas here. I feel like my mothering skills need an overhaul before I triple the number of children in my brood.

[Sleep update: "Sleep Learning" as it is called in my book is going well. First night was rough, second night she didn't climb out--just cried for an hour, third night she was out in 4 minutes. Sweet.]


AmyR said...

I don't know what to do either Megan, but the way you make use of color, style, and text size is awe-inspiring. I'm going to spend more of my day trying to make my blog prettier.

Ohio Rasmussen Family said...

Megan....after all that running around having twins might seem like a break!! ;-) It is hot in the summer I know, but the zoo is fun, Thanksgiving Point (riding the ponies was the kids favorite) that Lehi Legacy center was SUPER fun (and I know Becca would meet you there for sure!) and check out the libraries. Story times are always fun for the kids and it is air conditioned. That is the best part! I want to see some pics of your house when you get the time. Congrats again!!! And being a stay at home mom will be more fun when you are not pregnant...I promise!!

Tiffany said...

I'm just jealous you have all those stores to go to! Wal-mart here is getting pretty old and boring! lol We go to the park in the morning to avoid the heat...pool in the afternoon...window shop at the fun little antique stores in town...

the fellers said...

I went and got some finger paint....the kind that washes off of EVERYTHING...ok, well I dont know about couches, but I am sure it does. I sat Scoty on the table and let him have at it...he LOVED it!! I just sat was bliss. Also, someone suggested letting him go to town with chocolate pudding in the tub...I havent tried that, suppose it would be easy to clean up if you have a shower head that detaches...good luck!! I wish we werent leaving in a week for a month or I would have you bring Maggie here and Scoty and her could play while you rested.....dang it, but we can do that after I get back, you might need a break once you have the babies!

Angie Lewis said...

Man, I felt that way last summer when school got out and then especially this summer when I became a stay-at-home mom. I agree with some of the other comments - the pool, the library, visit other people with kids for her to play with. Good luck!

Sarah said...

Why aren't you coming to my house? I think that is what you should do in the summer time when all the world is....
Really I am back and I am here waiting for you to come by. So come and see me!

Beth said... scrapbooking. I know you're way behind.
I always feel justified doing crafts (painting, woodcarving) and spending money on them because it's for the beautification of our home or for a gift for somebody.
You'll be fine in about a week, I'm sure. It's always the weirdest right after you stop working and you're by yourself all day (you think 'what do these moms DO all day?')


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