Thursday, March 6, 2008


March is a lovely month. Yes its still cold and we have to endure the last dregs of winter, but then Spring comes near the end of the month and its all picnics and kite flying from then on. I love March. I got a birthday card in the mail yesterday from Dan's Aunt Angie. My birthday is still 18 days away, but I appreciated the sweet gesture. Here are some things I'm thrilled about lately (besides the fact that my birthday is coming):
Jolly Rancher and Starburst Jelly Beans are on sale EVERYWHERE. Man. I love those things.
I bought a bunch of yellow peeps and opened them up so they'll be good and stale by Easter. Didn't you know that stale peeps are one of life's finest delicacies? Plus they're cute. They really are. And I don't know if they've always come in so many colors but I just like to stare at them in the store displays. Pretty. Sugary. Delightful.
Oh my gosh. I found these wall cards today at the all-time cutest store ever Hip and Humble at Colonial Square in Bountiful. Sadly I couldn't afford them at the time but I'm hoping maybe a birthday fairy will boot the 22 dollar price tag and buy them so that when I have a house I'll be able to put them in a nursery and weep every time I see them because I love them so much. I love that God made so many beautiful birds. And I also love that the outdoors are so big so the birds don't get too close and fly at me like my piano teacher's canary used to do when I was six.


Marilyn said...

Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe there is someone in this world as weird as my brother Karl, who also likes stale peeps. He likes to eat them on Easter. The NEXT Easter. After he's had them sitting around for a year. of course you probably don't also refer to the author of the Pythagorean Theorem as "our good friend Pythagorus." Do you? Or get excited about "Bose-Einstein Condensate" (whatever that is)? So maybe you haven't broken any records, after all. It's his birthday, bless him, so he's on my mind. He's far ahead of your time, of course :)

Jon & Angie Lewis said...

I prefer my peeps fresh, personally...

Sarah said...

March is an absolutely marvelous month....particularly the 25th....not the 24th so much......but the 25th is really magical.

Brian Holdaway said...

Birds are extremely cool. One of the things that endeared me to my wife while dating her was that she called birds "little testimonies." That life so vibrant could be sustained in something so tiny, like a humming bird, is beautiful and miraculous!

Emily said...

I thought I was the only one to buy peeps only to cut open the package and then let them sit for a month! They are so good to eat stale, they are one of my favorites! I love that you do that too. I also love putting them in the microwave and watching them grow! that was a favorite as a kid! :o)

Beth said...

peeps are for creeps
peeps are for sicko's, like you
people who like peeps=Tia, Megan; idiots
stale marshmallows are much better.

K said...

Stale peeps!! Oh, yeah, baby!! We have some purple ones left over from last Easter, and I opened them two weeks ago and gobbled three of them quicker than Benjamin bunny could down a carrot! Cool, cool, cool.

Love your decorations. I haven't put mine out for a long time. I miss the egg hunts and the buttercream candies.

But I don't remember many picnics at the end of March. I remember getting out of church once because we had four foot snow drifts all over the road -

eRiCa said...

peeps are gross to me to consume, however, making an easter wreath out of all the peeps and the different colors...totally something i am attempting this wekeend :)

Ginna said...

mmm, stale peeps are delicious. Yum.
Did we have the same piano teacher? That sounds so familiar.
And I LOVE those bird cards too. I would definitely put those up. They're only $19.95 at!!!!
I always love your decorations Megan they're so cute. I need lessons from you.
Oh, and I had something sent to you from etsy. So if you get a mystery package, it's from me :)

Cuddlydoll said...

Isn't it funny how controversial peeps are? I personally hate them and think they are gross. YOu love them or hate them!



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