Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Daddy Told Me

Last night on ANTM during the judgest panel, Tyra said to top model hopeful Kimberly, "During that runway you didn't look like you were having any fun at all."
The girl responded, "Oh I didn't. I really hate fashion."
"Just 3 days ago there were 6 girls crying because they didn't make it here in your place and you're telling me you hate fashion?"
"Do you want to go home?"
Okay WHAT!? There was a quitter on the second episode. A girl who quit a modeling show because she hates fashion. Why did she send in an audition tape in the first place? If she wanted to model as an art form she could just go to her local college art department. Or pick up a camera herself. But the dang grand prize on the show is a modeling contract with Elite Models. That's high fashion.
So, it got me thinking. When you're in a new situation, be it you're a contestant on ANTM or you're traveling in Morocco, my daddy told me to enjoy the new-ness of it. The first letter I ever got in Hungary was from my father telling me that when he lived in Mexico he thought it was a crime that the other American teachers would complain about lack of peanut butter or other "necessities" of American life. He wanted to shout in their faces, "YOU'RE IN MEXICO! Can you find any of this amazing stuff at your house in Cincinnati?" Dad's advice to me in Hungary was to never think about what I didn't have but to think about all the new things I did have.
So, maybe Kimberly on ANTM didn't like high fashion before, owned no 700 dollar shoes, and had never read Vogue didn't mean that she couldn't have fun giving it a shot. Cause I'm thinking she won't ever have a chance again at her customer service job in Worcester, MA.


Brian said...

Whaaaa? She doesn't like fashion? Weird.

Mel & Byde... said...

Your dad sounds like a very wise man indeed! Life is about the experience and the adventure. You have to LIVE your life.

Myra Bybee said...

That is some great advice! I agree 100%! What a foolish ANTM contestant.

Cuddlydoll said...

Very good advice. When I was at BYU Hawaii I was always floored by the "mainlanders" who would complain about what they didn't have there and leave after a semester...seriously. I always wanted to say, "wake up! You live in Hawaii! Two minutes from the beach! Are you crazy!

But, living in AZ I have kind of adopted the woe is me attitude. When ever I feel like I hate living here I know it's time to go see something new, like Sedona or the Grand Canyon or somewhere I haven't been before. Then I'm not so discouraged.


Tiffany said...

Why would you ever sign up for a modeling show when you don't like FASHION!? Hello, don't those two go together? That is so weird!

k said...

Your dad - he's okay smart, you know. But how can you watch that show???????? Anorexia on steroids!! Ummm. Does that work?


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