Friday, February 22, 2008


This has been a "woah week" one of those weeks when you realize how behind you are on everything. School (which is my work you know), dishes, laundry, church responsibilities, basically everything just kind of piled up until I realized...I'd better get around to it.

So, my blogging has been a little hit and miss. Good thing my latest post was long enough to last all week. While I could tell you about how Maggie is growing a whole mouth full of teeth, Dan is transforming the basement into a teenage boy Rock Band haven, and I just finished compiling an enormous book for Custodian Appreciation Week...I won't.

Because I want to tell you about something amazing you need to try. Between 2-4 in the afternoon when your children are at their crabbiest pack them up in the car and drive to Sonic. Get them a healthy snack like french fries or cheesecake dippers and buy yourself a coke as big as your head. But don't end your order there. The world is now at your fingertips...what kind of coke would you like? That's right, kind. And you're not limited to cherry and vanilla. We're talking chocolate cherry coke, grape vanilla coke, apple cherry coke, or my favorite: Strawberry Coke. Plus, its half off for Happy Hour.

I'm not advocating caffeine addictions or high calorie consumption, but I am advocating a kind of Willy Wonka experience. The world is your oyster. So the next time you come to the crossroads: go insane or get out... then take yourself to Sonic. It's a good choice.


k said...

You know, it's crazy, but i just realized, I don't know how to do that. To just pick up and go and get yourself a treat. Not your birthday. Just a treat.

I'm really a sad case.

I hope you don't mind that i comment so much.


Rochelle said...

I loved reading about you on Erica's blog this morning! I forgot that our birthdays are really close... is yours March 24th? or 25th? I know it's somewhere around there because I remember celebrating it with you more than once growing up! Your love for Sonic is fantastic. My mom introduced me to their cream slushie's when I was home at Christmas time and now everytime I go home I have to down at least 3 or 4 before I come back to this non-Sonic city of Cleveland. Thanks for making me want one so bad and not be able to run right out and get one! :)

Tiffany said...

Did you know that I was a Sonic addict when I worked at Prudential? I would go EVERYDAY for a Diet Coke the size of my head! Lol I LOVED it! and the crunchy ice was heaven on earth!

Tia said...

Mmmm...they have good drinks. Nothing else on their menu is worth eating, but they do have good drinks!

Ems said...

oh megan. styoafoam 32 oz diet dr. peppers (with whole limes!) are one of few things that can make me think "oh earth, I don't care about you that much."

so great!


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