Friday, January 4, 2008

My Mother-in-law

Vicki Hinckley is a saint. For a year and a half now she has watched, fed, clothed, and cuddled my baby while I teach. She also runs the city of Woods Cross (filling virtually every volunteer position and basically keeping the city in line), serves in the YW, makes the most delicious bread, clips coupons and tells me about rebates and deals I shouldn't miss, sends in Box Tops for the elementary school, cares for her ailing mother, and keeps the earth in its proper rotation. I don't think she reads this, but if she does...thanks Vicki for feeding us, loving us, and helping us. We love you!


Ginna said...

oh wow, she sounds so awesome! And she watches Maggie for you? That's incredibly cool. I have a fabulous mother-in-law too and I feel so lucky. Is it fair for you and I to have two wonderful fabulous moms?

Megan said...

no. not fair. but let's just keep our mouths quiet about it... or the fairness police will come send us some wicked mother in laws or something.

k said...

Wow. Wow.


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