Saturday, January 12, 2008

Don't You Be Tellin' Me No

Yesterday my Maggie and I were shopping at Costco. It was free sample time which I love because I can keep Maggie busy chomping on free food and she doesn't get as crabby in the cart. I needed bread but I also needed to shop on the cheap because our Costco gift card is nearly gone and our food budget is down to 10 dollars this week. I chose the cheapest Wheat Bread option and stashed it in my cart. Then I saw a lady giving away slices of buttered and jammed wheat bread. Maggie loves that. I cruised on over to grab a slice when the lady stopped me and said "Oh, I wanted to talk to you." Great.

"Can you read the ingredients of this bread I have?"

"100% stoneground whole wheat, yeast, sugar."

"That's right. All natural healthy ingredients. Weight Watcher's approved. Can you read the ingredients of the bread that you bought?"

"Oh. Look at that. A lot more ingredients." I said.

"Not just ingredients...chemicals." She said, "HE doesn't need chemicals. Please don't feed HIM chemicals." And she pointed to my daughter Maggie.

Now at this point, I thought, "What's it to you if I want this chemical bread? I can get 2 loaves for $3.50 while your half loaf of whole grain goodness costs $4.75. And my daughter may be wearing jeans and a brown shirt, but the brown shirt has ruffles and the jeans are covered with applique flowers." [post script, refer to the Maggie cleaning picture to see her girly outfit.]

But what I said was, "Thank you for the jam and bread. Its delicious." And I went off to buy my pregnant belly some pesto. And nobody could tell me not to.


Brian said...

Good for you, you held your ground. You know, I love pesto.

Vhari said...

Love it Megs. That's hilarious! What a funny post. Sometimes those sample folks say or do the craziest things. I was seriously creeped out by one of them and actually refused to get samples from her. One time Genevieve was wearing pink and a ribbon in her hair and she still got "Now does he need. . .". Good grief.

Jenae said...

That's hilarious! One of those times where you can't believe that they actually said that and you walk away laughing but ticked as well. Thanks for sharing it!

k said...

That's very odd. Usually, those people don't even seem to have the power of speech. She was right, of course, about the additives, and her heart was in the right place. Maybe you should have said, "Thank you for offering me the chance to buy this better bread. Now, lower the price, and I will. Less ingredients should probably cost less money, dontcha think?"

The Tuck Family said...

Sooo funny! Oh, and I finally came out of my hole and posted some pictures!

Ginna said...

people are so strange. How could anybody ever think Maggie was a boy, I mean come on? And it's kind of rude to criticize somebody's bread choice, whether your heart's in the right place about it or not.
Oh well. We were at a "farmer's market" on saturday and this guy was offering free samples of cantalope (man, how do you spell that?) and when I went up to take the sample (he was just slicing them right off the melon) I saw that his fingernails were seriously like two inches long. I almost threw up right there. But it was too late to refuse. And Max wanted to eat it. So I tried to get rid of any part that might have been touched by mr. gross and gave it to max. HOW GROSS!
And there you go, another really long comment on your blog, don't you love it?

Kristalyn said...

I can't believe that the sample lady would be so should come to our Costco...they are always really nice. And I looked at Maggie's cleaning picture...she looks nothing like a boy! If the lady is concerned enough to tell you what bread to buy...she should be concerned enough to look closely at your child! :)

Tiffany said...

Maggie does NOT look like a BOY! Seriously. Good job stickin' to the budget-- I however HATE the budget. But you gotta do what you gotta do--the chemical bread sounds delish. :) LOL


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