Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dan: A Not-So Quiet Hero

Dan recieved a call the other day, inviting him to attend an event only available to an elite group of people. He was asked to donate blood as a "Quiet Hero" which is one who has donated over a gallon of blood. He was thrilled. Dan loves to donate blood. He loves it. Why? Not because he's helping people, but mostly because he can eat as many cookies and drink as much guava juice as he wants. But at least he's doing a good thing. And he's donated 13 pounds (almost 2 gallons) of blood during the past 7 years. Here he is posing with his bounty:
Quiet hero pin
And picture frame.
And pin with wound in the background.

The really hilarious thing about it is, Dan's been telling everyone he knows. So, I don't know what the "quiet" bit is about. He's a hero none-the-less. And this time he was thrilled that they had donuts instead of cookies. Good job, Danny. I wonder what happens when you donate 2 gallons.


Ginna said...

Alright Dan!! And it's ok to be not so quiet--who wants to be a hero if you have to be quiet about it?
that's crazy that he's donate that much blood, that's a TON. But actually, it's a very good excuse to eat some yummy stuff, so I understand.

Beth said...

Dan is the quietest hero I know. I've heard virtually nothing of his blood donation heroics until now. Humble. That's what he is. Who knows what other humble, heroic acts he's carring out or scheming for the future. That man is a hero, Megan. Face it.

Emily Ramussen said...

Way to go Dan! I used to like giving blood until I had babies and then I had too many "nurses in training" poking me and doing a really crappy job at it and thus realized the potential pain involved and have thus had my fill of people poking me. So Honestly I am glad to hear that someone likes doing it and actually dose it! you rock!

Rachel said...

Oh that is funny! Way to go Dan! My brother in law is a big man and donates plasma. One day he ate some of my carmel popcorn before going and donating and then when he tried his plasma was so thick it plugged the machine. :o)


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