Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More of Those "Darndest" Things

During station rotations yesterday I overheard this hilarious interchange between Hogan and Kylee:
Hogan: You live in Layton!?
Kylee: yeah
Hogan: Oh my gosh! That's sweet! My house is the brick one! Did you used to live in Kaysville, cause I did.
Kylee: no.
Hogan: Oh. Well, that's really cool that you live in Layton. That's so cool.

Then Kylee (she's the one with multiple boyfriends) came in from recess and proudly announced to me, "Alec and Chance were totally fighting over me at recess." I decided to play dumb by asking, "why?" at which point Kylee just gave me this sassy look like "Don't pretend you don't know I'm the prettiest girl in the class and every boy wants me to be their girlfriend."

And finally, this is not from a child but the cutest 84 year old man who bore his testimony in church on Sunday. He basically was saying that he was really old and gonna die soon and then he said, "I really love my wife. I hope she knows it 'cause if not, she don't have a lot of time left to figure that out."


Denae said...

I love these stories. Keep them coming.

I am going to pick up "the Goose GIrl" from the library tomorrow. thanks for the recomendation

Megan said...

You'll love it Nae!

Tiffany said...

I love the stories! AND I love the pic of the cute messy girl at the top of your page!!!!! Sometimes I go to your page just to look at it! :)

Camie said...

I'm still laughing.... Oh to be a fly on the wall :)


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