Friday, November 9, 2007

2 Realizations Today

  1. Its all over. Today I watched in horror as Maggie climbed onto the kitchen chair and then onto the table. Yes. I watched. I didn't help. I just stood there stunned. She climbed up there to get some papers I was working on for school. She got onto the table--my safe zone where I pile things she ought not to bite, lick, rip, eat, break, or touch. Is no surface safe anymore? Shoot. I'm running out of top shelves to put things on.

  2. I'm still waiting to find out what I'm good at. Slowly I'm just ruling things out. I'm not good at baking, sports, Calculus, or being the Relief Society Pianist. [It's been painfully obvious to me and now I know its been painful for everyone else, too. Side story: last Sunday a sweet sister in the ward made the comment in Relief Society that we all ought to look at my example and accept callings that are extremely difficult for us, because apparently I'm starting to show some improvement. Starting? Honey, I knew from the second I got the calling that there were at least 10 more qualified sisters sitting there listening to me struggle. It's the most horrific experience for me, week after week after week. At least I'm starting to show some improvement--after 7 months! Someone! Please! End the misery!] Anyway, I keep wishing that I had some amazing talent. Erica and Denae rock out with photography, my mother-in-law bakes the most delicious bread. Tiffany can solve the world's problems or at least listen to the world tell her its problems and thereby the world can solve them herself. Beth could raise any child to be a smart and crazy fun human being (even if they're dumb as rocks to begin with, she has stories about some of the kids she's will blow your mind.) My mom is the master of any craft you can imagine. She quilts, sews, cooks, felts, and dyes intricate Ukranian eggs. And if she doesn't know how to do something, she'll take a class and have it aced by next Tuesday. Courtney can persuade anyone on any topic. You think you have an opinion, she can change your mind. I've spent my whole life wanting to be even an 8th as cool as she is. And her kids are just as perfect as she is. I could go on for days about every one's talents. And then there's me. Until yesterday I had assumed that I was completely un-envy-able. Enter: Tasha. This girl has been the coolest thing in my world ever since I met her. We lived down the hall from each other at the MTC, we were room-mates at BYU, and even though its been MONTHS since we've spoken...I think we're still soul mates. Tasha loves music with her whole soul. To watch her listen to a CD is to learn the meaning of life. She also can take 5 wardrobe items that you would never in your life put together and walk out of a dressing room looking like 6 billion dollars. Red shoes, purple socks, brown belt, turquoise headband--whatever. So, I'm talking to Tasha on the phone and she says to me, "Wait. You're cooking dinner?" I was. "You actually make dinner every night?" I do. "Oh my gosh." And she proceeded to make me feel like a rock star for living my very simple, unfanciful, sometimes lame-o life. So, I had a realization. This may be generalizing, but I like the thought so I'm going with it: Everybody thinks everybody else is incredible. Seriously, though. You want to know your talents? Ask me or anybody else. We'll tell you because we secretly wish we were you. Sometimes I really get overwhelmed because I'm not as good as everybody else at making cute things, or raising my kid, or exercising, or dressing well, or whatever. But to know that Tasha thought I was somethin' special made me realize that we're all like that. We all think that personally we're not so great but we admire the rest of our friends and think they're fantastic. So, chew on that dear readers...according to us, you're way better than we'll ever be.


Ginna said...

Do you seriously cook dinner every night? That is really impressive to me. It's something I struggle with constantly. I'm surprised Max can be the substantial guy he is on a diet of oatmeal and sandwiches.
You're right, I think we all see what's great about each other, but are blind to the things we're good at.
Like I would NEVER be able to teach kindergarten. Or probably any school for that matter. I think that's an incredible talent. Actually an incredible combination of talents. All of which are useful raising your own kids I bet!
And you're hilarious. And I love you.

Erica said...

1. you were homecoming queen.
2. you totally rocked the flute
3. you're gorgeous!
4. you served a mission
5. you are a teacher (oprah says that's the best and hardest job -aside from being a mother, and apparently oprah=god to some people).
6.You breed well (ha, seriously someone told us that once, but I truly mean it in a good way for your cute little family) write'd better since your dad rocked as an english teacher
8.Did i mention your beautiful?
9. you are kind
10. your blog is named after Hansen (right?)

Those were kind words about my photography...however, I feel like you all the time and think that everyone else has all these amazing talents and lives and I am lacking! I'm sure most everyone feels this way....good thing I know where I truly came from...that always help!

Erica said...

ps i could keep going with my list but I didn't want to write a novel in your comment section :D

Emily Ramussen said...

From the first time I met you I thought you were so "cool" that I felt speacial to even know you. I think it is so weird that you would not ralize how awesome you are. You really are one of those people that make anywhere you are at a much brighter place - what I call a true sunbeam. :0)

k said...

A. Did you know that Charlotte was climbing out of EVERYTHING by the time she was about eight months old? That we had to put a lock on the hallway side of her door so she wouldn't escape at night and poison herself, or fall out the window, or stick her fingers in light sockets. Almost from the beginning, there were NO shelves high enough. So, you've been on a beautiful vacation as far as I'm concerned . . .

B. Pish Tosh. Besides, we figure everything we do is just standard equipment. And what we don't do is exotic and unusual. Therefore, everything we can do, everybody can do - big deal. Nobody can be Megs. I promise.

Tiffany said...

I know you're the only one that will really appreciate this comment- but after reading your post I said to Steve "Gosh, I wish my blog was like Megan's!" lol I love how you put your thoughts into words and make the rest of us think! I have adored you since our 8th grade science class w/Mrs. Taylor!
oh and PS, you did take my engagement pics, so I would put your photography talent right on up there w/the others you mentioned! :)

The Dynamic Trio said...

wow. That was powerful Megan. You make me want to go on our blog and poor out my feelings for everyone to read. You are so right, we always think everyone else is so good at everything we are not, when in reality all we're doing is comparing our faults with their strengths. wow. If everyone could be as wonderful and amazing as you are, this world would be such a pleasant and outstanding place. :)
oh, and p.s. Maggie is getting SO big!! She is SOO precious!

Beth said...

Here's what's incredible about you: how much fun you are. You can and will be friends with everyone, whether they're fakey-fakey or really stupid or the oddest egg in the carton or really cool, like me. You're so much fun, Megs, really. And giving, and caring, and you take the time to know what's going on with people. I love ya. Really. And I know if I say that you'll bake me another one a them cakes with the fresh peaches in the middle. :) Awesome pictures of Maggie.

Gee moma said...

You are a beutiful wife, mother, teacher, and most important Child of our Heavenly Father. You live each day to it's fullest by doing the things that our Heavenly Father wants us to do. You are highly suceeding in this life by living each day one at a time the best you can. Keep up the great work. With Love from the Gee's (in St.George)


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