Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

I decorated my house for Halloween around the middle of September... so the actual holiday has been a long time in coming. In fact, last week I thought "Well, time to take down the decor." But then I remembered that the day hadn't actually passed. Woops. I think that this year we went to more parties and did more Halloweeny things than we've ever done! It has all been really fun, but the highlight for me has been seeing Maggie dressed up as the cutest little chicken I've ever seen. Watching her walk around in that fat little costume has made my life! Here's a recap of some of the Halloween shenanigans we've been up to:

Our friends Camie and Jake invited us over to a party with some of the families in our ward. It was so much fun! We had dinner with some yummy soups, rolls (somebody made some, but I bought some...baking is not my strength), and cute Halloween cookies. The kids all played and crashed into each other on the swings while the parents all stood around and talked. It was so much fun. I feel like I've had a really hard time making friends since we've lived here (even though its been over a year), so it's nice to finally feel like we know people. Maggie fell in love with Addie's little tike's car. She played with it for a half hour (which in Maggie time is a record!)

everybody! off the roads!
Why did the chicken cross the road? To beat up the dog who stole her trike.
Me and my darling girl.
Last night was the annual Hinckley Family Halloween Party. Dan's mom,Vicki, is the best at throwing parties. We made homemade root beer and had a blast playing with all the fog bubbling out of it. We ate a delicious dinner with Vicki's famous rolls (I absolutely ADORE them). After dinner the kids played a bean bag toss game and then the rest of us joined in for a rousing game of BINGO. The prizes were awesome. We won bags of chex mix, frostie coupons, chocolate milk, and free donut coupons for Albertsons. Then we carved pumpkins. Dan and I were so disappointed in how ours turned out, I didn't bother snapping a picture of it. We had high hopes, it just didn't work out very well for us.

Maggie and her dadda fixin' to make us some root beers.
We were all supposed to dress up, so this was the best we could do, Dan was a rooster and then to keep with the barnyard theme, I was "udderly amazing" in my udder hat Vhar brought me from Switzerland.Gorgeous aunt Megan mad this to die for Greek Goddess Diana ensemble
Maggie wasn't sure if her cousin Colette was friend or foe dressed up as a witch

Jamison the Indian gave Maggie some cuddles while she wasn't quite sure how she felt about the PDA.

Happy Halloween to all of you! And yes, after the trick or treaters stopped coming, I put away my halloween decorations.


Stew Ras Gang said...

I agree she is the cutest chicken I have ever seen! Of course that is if I count my girly as a baby chick and not a chicken yet. :0) One of my favorite things this Halloween has been watching those little ones toddle around in their silly costumes. It melts my heart! You and Dan had some pretty awesome costumes too!

vhari said...

I love the costumes, especially Maggie--she looks so cute! The utter hat ran a very close second, of course :). I loved all the pictures!!

k said...

Yeah, well - Guy thought he'd help last night and took everything down - WAY before I was ready. And it takes the rare husband to realize that all these things have special places and special handling - like 25 years' worth of tradition to respect!!

You guys were a GREAT yard of animals, and the chicken thing is just about the cutest I've ever seen. I'm not sure even Max's giraffe can compete!

Cuddlydoll said...

I love the little chicken! So cute. I would love to see her waddle around in it. What a cutie.

Sarah said...

Megs- I feel strongly that all children need to be a chicken at least once...very cute. My boys were both chickens although maybe I shouldn't say James was a chicken because he only let me keep the costume on him for 5 mins. He didn't like the crazy feathers.....does 5 mins count?

Jenae said...

Great great costumes guys!

Ginna said...

Cute cute little magster chicken-legs.
I don't think you should feel bad about missing the pumpkin patch, it happens. We went in 2004 and haven't been back until this year. So you know, who cares? Anyway, looks like tons of fun with the family parties and stuff. And good for you for even putting up Halloween decorations--I didn't get that far this year.
Missed you on halloween as always. Wasn't it the best to go out trick or treating together when we were WAY to old (or so the grown ups thought)
And I always think of your mom's white chocolate mummy suckers on halloween, and how we were some of the "special" kids who got those instead of smarties or something. Yesssssssssssss.

Tiffany said...

I absolutely loved the chicken costume! and the chicken joke was so funny. I love reading your posts!! I'm so glad you had a Happy Halloween! (Is is legal to put up my Christmas decorations if Wal-Mart is?!)

Camie said...

I have to agree that she was the cutest chicken ever! Thank you so much for coming to the party- you guys are the BEST! We feel so lucky to have you as friends, I feel especially lucky to have you as my visiting teacher :) Couldn't ask for better... I loved the whooo you are and the cookies were so yummy! I am still laughing about the utter hat... I am going to have to see that one in person...


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