Friday, October 26, 2007

Dan's Recent Fatherly Shenigans

Dan is the cutest dad. Maggie loves him and she always cries when he leaves in the morning. She usually doesn't cry for me. When Maggie wakes up in the night (she doesn't do it too often thank goodness) Dan is usually up checking on her before I've even become aware of the cries. He's a great husband and father. That said, here are some funnies he's come up with lately:

On Tuesday I was getting ready to go visiting teaching and I thought it would be nice to give away some of the cute Halloween cookies I'd made (they looked like Candy Corn... so cute!) So, I was coming up with a fun way to package them. I turned to Martha Stewart. I love her but I hate her. But I love her Halloween stuff. I was going through her clipart and templates and found a cute bat. I made up some cheesey pun to go with it (something about how its always fun to "hang out" with you) and Dan didn't get it. So, I tried another image and saying. He made fun of that one as well. Finally out of desperation, I just picked one and printed it. It was a spooky looking owl and I wrote "Thanks for being 'whooo' you are." So incredibly corny. I know. But I didn't expect Dan to have such a hay-day with it. Even when we said our nightly prayer he said "Please bless that we will love each other for 'whoo' we are." We both started laughing so hard that it took us a minute to wind back down and end the prayer.

Yesterday Dan picked up Maggie from his mother's. He finishes at school before I do on Thursdays so he beat me. But when I went to give my girl a kiss--she reeked of onions! I asked Dan what was up with that and he said that Maggie kept getting into her grandma's pantry and playing with the onions. So, he chopped one up and fed it to her so that she would know that she didn't like them and would leave them alone. I don't know if that part of the plan worked... but she sure stunk!


Brian Holdaway said...

Wow. I'm always surprised at the things our kids like to eat. Both have loved pickles from the time they barely had enough teeth to chew them up.
Oh, and those laughing prayers are the best!

Ginna said...

What?!? He chopped up and onion and fed it to her, and SHE ATE IT?
Wow, that's hilarious. Dan sounds like so much fun, I just need a chance to get to know the guy!
Here's a good Max story (sorry, I know I can't leave a comment without telling you a story) We were at the grocery store when he was about a year and a half or something, and we were in the produce section. Kris and I both headed off to get stuff and left him in the cart next to the tomatoes (not on purpose) we left him close enough he could grab one I guess, and I looked over at him just as he was taking a huge chomp out of one. You should've seen his face when it wasn't an apple. It was SO funny. There were several produce people there that saw it too, and they were all laughing.
So there you go. That's my kids eating weird things story for the day!

Denae said...

HAHA!! Dan is the man!

Laira loves onions.. she use to eat them all the time just plain.. now she will eat them with other things.

Tiffany said...

Both Steve and I are cracking up- that's too funny! We have had a few of those prayers ourselves--it was the best growing up when it was my mother who started the laughing! lol Anyway- love the post! (And someone should really tell Maggie that onions aren't that great of a snack--wait should they tell Maggie or Dan?!)


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