Sunday, August 5, 2007

We're new to this

I've been thinking a lot about the idea of blogging so I finally broke down and am teaching myself how to do it. Yesterday I joined facebook and this is my new endeavor. This is exciting. Its been quite the summer!

Dan has been working 40 hours a week at IGES, a geotechnical firm that actually pays him to play with dirt. On Fridays he goes to campus to work on his masters thesis project. He's making maps that show dangers of liquifaction during earthquakes along the wasatch front. Or something like that. That's the cliff's notes version anyway.

Maggie is the busiest thing! She sings. She crawls. She stands. She scoots. She sticks everything in her mouth. And she does all of that at the same time. Or so it seems. She's a feather weight, but after the pediatrician looked at her for 2 seconds he told me "I think she burns off all the calories she eats." If only I had that problem.

For vacation in June we went to Colorado to see Courtney's new addition and backyard at her home in Pueblo. We spent a day at the sand dunes, shopped in CO city, ate delicious food, and played cards for hours. Then it was off to Santa Fe to spend time with Sue and the rest of the Green Beans. Poor Ida wasn't sure about sharing her toys with Maggie, Clara, Linc, and Ash but she eventually warmed up (or blocked them out). That Ida is so precious. Dev and Kaelin taught us a new game "Dutch Blitz" but they assured me that no one could ever be worse at it than Sue. Well I am. Dan loved the food so much he keeps scanning the grocery store for organic "pear sauce". We are yet to find it. We need us a Trader Joe's.

July was full of family parties and reunions. And sadly now that it's August we have to think about school again. When school got out I thought I'd never get used to being home with Maggie all day. And now I'm not so sure I want to go back. But it'll be good and with Maggie's afternoon naps being much longer and more predictable (thanks to my friend Vhari's sleep system), I think she won't so much notice I'm not there.


Ginna said...

Hi Megs,
welcome to the blogging scene! I love the blogs because it's such a nice way to still keep track of everyone even though I'm so far away and never see anybody. So keep it up!! It makes me happy.
And man, that Maggie is SO adorable.

Jenae said...

Yeah! You guys all look great! Maggie is dang cute of course! We miss you guys!

Ginna said...

So I want to know if your shopping was actually in Colorado City? Like the Colorado city with all the crazy polygamist fundamentalists people that give us mormons a bad name? Did you buy like long sleeved calico dresses?

No offense to any crazy fundamentalist polygamists of course.


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